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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Instructional Aide - PK/ECSE (FORES) 22-23 SY06/27/2022Para - InstructionalFair Oaks Ranch ESApply
Computer Technician06/27/2022Para - ClericalTechnologyApply
Testing Specialist06/27/2022Para - ClericalTechnologyApply
Teacher - Special Education (VRES) 22-23 SY06/27/2022SEVan Raub ESApply
Instruct Aide SE Behavior (VMS)06/27/2022Para - InstructionalVoss MSApply
Teacher - Science (BMSN) 22-23 SY06/23/2022Teacher SecondaryBMS NorthApply
Teacher - Special Education/Behavior (BMSN) 22-23 SY06/23/2022SEBMS NorthApply
Food Service - Manager Pool06/22/2022Aux - Food SvcsChild NutritionApply
Teacher - Digital Literacy (Tech Applications) (BMSN) 22-23 SY06/21/2022Teacher SecondaryBMS NorthApply
Secretary - Executive (Technology)06/21/2022Para - ClericalTechnologyApply
Secretary - Assistant Principal (CHS)06/20/2022Para - ClericalChampion HSApply
Instructional Aide SE (KES)06/16/2022Para - InstructionalKendall ESApply
Attendance Clerk06/16/2022Para - ClericalKendall ESApply
Bookkeeper (BHS)06/16/2022Para - ClericalBoerne HSApply
Attendance Secretary (KES)06/16/2022Para - ClericalKendall ESApply
Instructional Aide (SE)- Inclusion/Resource (VRES)06/16/2022Para - InstructionalVan Raub ESApply
Teacher - Math (BHS) 22-23 SY06/15/2022Teacher SecondaryBoerne HSApply
Instruct Aide Library (CHS)06/14/2022Para - InstructionalChampion HSApply
Instruct Aide SE Inclusion/Res06/14/2022Para - InstructionalChampion HSApply
Instruct Aide SE Inclusion/Resource06/14/2022Para - InstructionalBoerne Alternative Ctr.Apply
Registrar (VMS)06/14/2022Para - ClericalVoss MSApply
Teacher - Social Studies & Boys Athletics Coach (BMSN) 22-23 SY06/14/2022Teacher SecondaryBMS NorthApply
Technology Customer Service Specialist I (Central Office)06/13/2022Para - ClericalTechnologyApply
Teacher - Social Studies/Speech & Debate Coach (BHS) 22-23 SY06/13/2022Teacher SecondaryBoerne HSApply
Teacher - Math Pre-Cal (CHS) 22-23 SY06/13/2022Teacher SecondaryChampion HSApply
Teacher - Special Education Inclusion/Resource (VMS) 22-23 SY06/13/2022SEVoss MSApply
Instructional Aide - State Comp. Ed. (VMS)06/13/2022Para - InstructionalVoss MSApply
Data Entry Clerk - Champion High School06/13/2022Para - ClericalChampion HSApply
Instructional Aide (SE) Inclusion/Resource (BHS)06/09/2022Para - InstructionalBoerne HSApply
Instruct Aide SE 1:1 (CHS)06/08/2022Para - InstructionalChampion HSApply
Instruct Aide SE 1:1 (CHS)06/08/2022Para - InstructionalChampion HSApply
Instructional Aide Life Skills (SE) (CCES)06/07/2022Para - InstructionalCibolo Creek ESApply
22-23 Bus Monitor Pool06/07/2022Aux - TransportationTransportationApply
22-23 Food Service - Assistant Temp06/07/2022Aux - Food SvcsChild NutritionApply
22-23 Food Service - Assistant Pool06/07/2022Aux - Food SvcsChild NutritionApply
22-23 Fleet Technician Pool06/07/2022Aux - TransportationTransportationApply
22-23 Bus Driver Pool06/07/2022Aux - TransportationTransportationApply
22-23 Custodian Pool06/07/2022Aux - CustodialCustodial ServicesApply
Teacher - Emerging Bilingual Interventionist06/03/2022Teacher SecondaryInstructionApply
Teacher - Science (Chemistry) 22-23 SY (CHS)06/03/2022Teacher SecondaryChampion HSApply
Teacher- Social Studies/Girls' Coach (BMSS) 22-23 SY06/03/2022Teacher SecondaryBMS SouthApply
Teacher - Special Education Behavior (CHS) 22-23 SY06/03/2022SEChampion HSApply
Assistant Head Custodian06/01/2022Aux - CustodialBoerne HSApply
Teacher - Intervention Reading (KES) 22-23 SY05/31/2022Teacher ElementaryKendall ESApply
Job Coach BHS 1:1 TA05/31/2022Para - InstructionalBoerne HSApply
Instructional Aide - Physical Education HES '22-2305/20/2022Para - InstructionalHerff ESApply
Instructional Aide SE 1:1 (BMSN)05/06/2022Para - InstructionalBMS NorthApply
Instructional Aide (SE) Behavior (BMSS)05/06/2022Para - InstructionalBMS SouthApply
Teacher - Math/Coach (BMSS) 22-23 SY05/05/2022Teacher SecondaryBMS SouthApply
Teacher - Science/Coach (BMSS) 22-23 SY05/05/2022Teacher SecondaryBMS SouthApply